Communications is the foundation of success. Let me help you succeed.


I'm passionate about transformation, and communications strategies are my core expertise. I am particularly obsessed with wicked problems, which is why I have focused on some the toughest challenges of our time: social justice, inequality, environmental issues. As it turns out, the ways of working that allow us to make progress on tough social problems also happen to work really well when it comes to innovation and yes, profit margins. I love people and believe everyone has a contribution to make. Empathetic, inclusive, and collaborative ways of working can deliver the best outcomes for organizations – and humanity. I work on processes, structure, and culture to improve organizational impact – which usually leads to working on the specifics of internal communications and entire communications strategies. 
My work is informed by my experience with the Lean and Agile communities in the tech sector and best practices by social justice movements around the world. I have worked with Time Warner Cable in New York, tech start-ups in Silicon Valley and Australia, Cornell and Stanford Universities, and most recently as Global Campaign Leader at Greenpeace International, winning external campaigns while also leading internal transformation work.

What I do 

Organizational Consulting

Identifying how to improve your organization to achieve the impact you seek is one of the most challenging tasks leaders face. And leading an organization, or even just a team, through a period of change can be extremely challenging. Having been at the helm of several organizational restructures, I have the experience to support you in navigating the complexities of transformation.

By developing a clear plan and identifying the actions to implement it, together we can work with your team to ensure you are poised to achieve the impact you strive for. Word to the wise: this process will require your own willingness to adapt and change, and a commitment to honest and transparent communications. 

Communications Strategies

Defining what you communicate and how you connect with people are at the heart of what I help you do.  I have expertise on a myriad of communications media, but my true excellence is in developing a comprehensive approach, designed specifically for each individual client to find their own and best way to make a difference.

Whether your relationships are with clients, customers, colleagues or constituents, we will keep an open heart and sharp mind to develop a customized strategy for your particular needs.

Public Speaking and Media Training

Addressing an audience in person, or even over skype, requires confidence, clarity and poise.  Public speaking can be a challenging skill to develop, but it is a key part of successful communications. It is also an important piece of media relations: interacting with members of the media in person or over the phone is easier with a solid foundation in public speaking.

I can deliver training and workshops to hone your public speaking skills and understand how to communicate with the media. Telling your story in a compelling way requires attention to both content and form, and I can help you perfect both.

Writing and content production

Writing is the heartbeat of communications. I can take your great ideas and raw information and weave them into a powerful written narrative.Once your story has been created, you will need the vehicle carry your communications strategy into the world. I can help you develop online videos, webpages, blogs, and reports  as part of a comprehensive plan that will reinforce your message and brand.

Producing these materials requires designers, programmers, photographers, writers, editors, and printers; I will direct a team of professionals to produce high impact pieces that will convey your story in a clear and moving manner.

Branding and Messaging

I will help you discover the image you want to present to the world, how to talk about what you do in a way that people can understand, and develop the language and messages to convey it consistently and clearly.

Together, we will create the messages that powerfully convey your brand identity and position yourself to deliver them effectively, reaching and influencing the people who will most benefit from it.