Maritza’s voice is unique, powerful and imbued with empathy. A seasoned strategist, she can draw on an impressive range of campaign, communications, political and creative expertise to propose smart pathways to unlock change. She is an excellent writer and communicator with a gift for finding and telling stories powerful enough to bring new insight and order to the chaotic snippets of information that surround us. Her profound leadership lies in her inclusive story-shaping, too: by speaking skillful truth, she can draw people out, to bring focus and harness energy to their pursuits.

Maritza functions as a kaleidoscope, in that she can help shift lenses to rearrange ordinary components into eye-catching and original new creations. She understands power in many forms, and how to wield the lightning rod of public sentiment to jolt and shift its foundations. I have known her to be a compassionate, determined colleague and friend, with nearly mystical talents that can yield incredible results.
— Stephanie Brancaforte, Global Campaign Leader - Climate and Energy, Greenpeace International
I have witnessed Maritza work in many different organizations and for a diversity of clients around the globe and the one constant is her creativity in dreaming up the right path forward and willingness to truly listen to people. She is skilled, smart and has a wonderful sense of humor - a joy to work with.
— Akaya Windwood, President, Rockwood Leadership Institute
A global citizen with an international perspective, Maritza combines the heart of an activist with the savvy of a CEO.
Maritza is that rare thing in today’s world: a great listener, and someone who does what she says she’s going to do. She works fast and she works to a high standard of excellence.
My favorite part of working with Maritza is her sense of humor, no matter how much pressure we’re under.
— Ariane Conrad,
Maritza has the tremendous ability to quickly assess exactly what needs to be done on a project and determine the path forward. She’s an insightful editor, brilliant pattern recognizer, and a brave and clear communicator. She’s a pleasure to work with. I’m continually impressed with how much of an advocate she is for every project she works on. She offers a rare combination of fast-paced action, creativity, and clarity.
— Jess Rimington,
I’ve come to appreciate Maritza’s uncanny ability to distill an organization’s real challenges and identify unique - and often subversive - solutions. Maritza backs up wild ideation with concrete steps to truly transform your message and strategy. Don’t sign on unless you’re willing to enact transformative change.
— Erin Ehsani, Allure Security Technology, Inc.
While working with Maritza last year, we very quickly clarified exactly what I needed to do to be more profitable. More importantly, she helped me figure out how to do it in such a way I could hit my financial targets, take 2 days off per week, rarely start before 1pm and generally finish by 6pm. This was not an entirely comfortable transition but with Maritza’s clarity I was able to trust the process and here I am 6 months later with everything we talked about in place. Her message isn’t always easy to hear but she really knows her stuff, she’s a true inspiration.
— Personal Relationship Coach
Maritza has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in her clients, and to do so quickly and with joy. She’s honest, clear, and creative; she’ll challenge you and push, but so skillfully that you enjoy it. And she will help you produce materials that tell your story powerfully and clearly, and also train staff and other stakeholders to be effective communicators.
I worked with her on “Changing the Social Climate”, which outlined, in a clear and compelling format, the social and racial justice implications of climate change and solutions to it. “Changing the Social Climate” was lauded by no less than journalist icon Bill Moyers, as well as environmental justice leaders and funders. Mainstream environmental leaders told us it open their eyes. It told a clear story, without jargon or wonky talk, of justice and how to incorporate it into climate policy.
— Catherine Lerza, Strategic Philanthropy
I worked with Maritza for over four years on various impact communications video projects designed to protect and conserve the Australian environment. As a commissioning, executive producer on 12 projects, Maritza’s team leading skills and target audience knowledge propelled many of these videos to continually break social media records for Australia’s oldest environment organisation – The Wilderness Society. They have amassed millions of views, gained thousands of reactions and comments from bloggers, including politicians, and prompted direct responses from the Australian mainstream media. These projects have been directly responsible for thousands of signatures and submissions, lobbying governments, to help protect threatened animals and the places we love. Many of these videos have also won international awards throughout the film festival circuit in Australia, the United States, and Europe. Maritza is certainly someone I hope to work with again in the future, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a communications specialist with marketing and social impact strategy expertise. Importantly, I enjoy her energy and soul and honored to call her both a colleague and friend.
— Mark Pearce,
Maritza is the writer you need by your side for your autobiography, or even to write your article or board communications. She also is the comms strategist who takes on leadership in crystallizing a team’s thoughts onto paper. She truly listens to people to tease out what they really want to achieve and really want to say. She has travelled “languages” and countries, and societies, and social groups, and businesses so different that she is able to put herself into this person’s shoes. She understands many voices, and will help put that intent to paper.
— Doris Spielthenner General Manager, Practice Insight, Sydney, Australia
When I first met Maritza, sometime in 2003 or 2004, she told me all about a world of technology—networks and online media, streaming video and social networking—that I didn’t understand at all. Although I thought these technologies had nothing to do with me, I found myself drawn in by her enthusiasm.
And that’s the thing about Maritza, she’s thinking ahead of other communications professionals. And despite her advanced expertise in her field, she communicates with the patience and enthusiasm of a kindergarten teacher. She may very well be smarter than most people, yet she possesses the humility to recognize and seize learning opportunities.
Maritza makes hard work fun. When she invites me to join a project I know I am going to get inspired and meet quality people because she surrounds herself with them.
She is full of life and love. She knows how to laugh, but she can also navigate sticky collaboration pitfalls.
When one of her colleagues complained about the quality of a project I’d delivered, Maritza facilitated a conversation between us that fostered greater understanding and an improved working relationship.
She challenges herself and everyone around her to achieve our greatest potential. Once you’ve met her, hang on. You are in for a wild and empowering ride.
— Kristy Lin Billuni,