Maritza Schafer – Communications and Organizational Consulting

I’m Maritza.

Communications and Organizational Consultant

I’m a communicator, storyteller, and strategist. I love taking someone’s vague ideas and articulating them clearly, creating solutions in the process. I believe in the transformational power of storytelling and the healing qualities of speaking the truth.

I combine communications expertise with best practices from the technology and social change sectors to help you deliver exceptional performance. 

Communications for Impact

Are you having the impact you would like? Are your vision and mission transforming the world – or at least your sector? Is your message clear and compelling, and reaching the right people?

Having a powerful communications strategy can be challenging, because it touches on every aspect of your work. It stems from your organizational purpose and depends on a strong organizational vision. It also requires many different skills, from storytelling to strategic analysis, copywriting to video editing, project management to social media savvy.

I can help you get clear on your message, develop strategies to increase impact and guide the implementation process. You’ll count on me to take you from vague to great.

Let’s get started. 

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Let’s have a chat about your most pressing needs and how I can help you develop and implement effective solutions. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get you started with a winning strategy.

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